Resin cure shrinkage stress measuring device

[Patent acquired]
Japanese Patent No. 5848109

Continue measuring the shrinkage rate and shrinkage stress due to curing of UV resin, thermosetting resin, UV adhesive, etc.

It was selected as a standardization project by the Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry’s “New Market Creation Type Standardization System”. Using our resin cured shrinkage measurement technology, it was authorized to proceed with the “continuous measurement method of the shrinkage rate of cured resin”.


Continuous measurement of whole process
  • Continuous measurement of curing shrinkage rate and stress due to curing of UV resins, thermosetting resin, epoxy resin, UV adhesive, UV ink , coating , wax, etc.
Measure under illumination
  • Thermal profiles of temperature such as the rise and drop temperature can be measured.
  • UV irradiation → heating → cooling can be freely combined and programmed (normal temperature to 180 ° C.)
Reproduction of environment condition
  • Reproduce the environment condition, while keeping the shrinkage rate and shrinkage stress, even if various heat is applied for a long time during the manufacturing process.

Contraction model of thermosetting resin



Physical Dimensions

Power Capacity