UV Curing Sensor

[International patent acquired]
Japanese Patent No. 4185939

A non-contact and non-destructive measurement of a cured state. Since measurement can be performed without touching the sample, non-destructive inspection is possible even in-line.

In addition, even when samples are placed in a glass or film (e.g., film bonding with a UV curing resin), it is possible to measure its state.


Measure in real-time
  • Ideal for in-line inspection (analog output)
Measure under illumination
  • Stable measurement is possible even under UV light for indoor lighting and curing.
  • The curing condition can be measured while irradiating with UV (i.e., for curing), and change over time can be observed.
Small size and easy installation
  • Because the sensor head is compact and lightweight (approx. 900 g), it can be attached to automatic stages, robots, etc.

Principle of UV Curing

Structure of a polarizer

Lamination technology is a technology for layering a variety of functional polymer films using adhesive or bonding agents. The Curea is used to monitor a state of adhesive without stopping or slowing down a production line in real time.


  • UV adhesion
  • UV coating
  • Film laminate
  • UV paint
  • Nanoimprint resist

Process for manufacturing films

Resin coating for optical fiber

Other applications in production lines

  • A polycarbonate lens of headlight of vehicle
  • Can coating
  • Coating on a printed surface