UV Curing Sensor + Automatic Stage Mapping System

UV curing sensor + automatic stage mapping system


Non-contact, nondestructive measurement of the effect of UV resin [patented]

Non-contact, nondestructive measurement

  • Measurement can be done without touching the sample, and inline nondestructive inspection is possible
  • Measurement is possible even when the sample is inserted in glass or film, such as film adhesion with UV curing resin

Measure in real time

  • Ideal for inline inspection (analog output)
  • We can measure change over time while irradiating ultraviolet light

Measure under illumination

  • Stable measurement is possible even under indoor lighting and under curing ultraviolet light

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  • Visualization of in-plane hardness distribution
  • Detection of degree of cure of specified coordinates (good or bad judgment)
  • Measuring in-plane defects

Useful in field

  • Optimization of irradiation light source
  • Blue-ray disc measurement
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